Mattress Sizes in Singapore

The mattress sizes play a part when shopping for your mattress. It is good to take note of the size of your bedroom to ensure that there's ample space for you to move about, even with the bed in it.

Here, we've compiled the commonly found mattress sizes in Singapore for your convenience. Happy shopping!

Common Local Singapore Sizes

  • Single Size- 91cm x 190cm
  • Super Single Size - 107cm x 190cm
  • Queen Size - 152cm x 190cm
  • King Size - 182cm x 190cm
  • King Long Size - 182cm x 198cm
  • USA King Size - 193cm x 203cm

*Please note a tolerance of +/- 2cm in actual mattress dimensions 

Pictorial representations of the sizes can be found below.



Single Mattress Size


In Centimeters (cm)
91 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in)
36 in (W)  x 75 in (L)


Super Single Mattress Size


In Centimeters (cm)
107 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in)
42 in (W)  x 75 in (L)


Queen Size Mattress Size


In Centimeters (cm)
152 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in)
60 in (W)  x 75 in (L)


King Size Mattress Size


In Centimeters (cm)
182 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in)
72 in (W)  x 75 in (L)

Other Mattress Dimensions in Singapore

Besides the standard local sizes, you might also find retailers with other mattress sizes that may follow the American or European sizes. Do note that these mattress dimensions are for reference only and it is best that you check with your local retailers for the most accurate mattress sizes before purchase.

American Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Twin, Single

99 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)
39 in (W) x 74 in (L)

Twin XL, Single XL

99 cm (W) x 203 cm (L)
39 in (W) x 80 in (L)

Full, Double

137 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)
54 in (W) x 74 in (L)

Source: Wikipedia


152 cm (W) x 203 cm (L)
60 in (W) x 80 in (L)


193 cm (W) x 203 cm (L)
76 in (W) x 80 in (L)

California King

183 cm (W) x 213 cm (L)
72 in (W) x 84 in (L)

European Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Small Single

75 cm (W) × 190 cm (L)
30 in (W) × 75 in (L)


90 cm (W) × 190 cm (L)
36 in (W) × 75 in (L)

Small Double

120 cm (W) × 190 cm (L)
48 in (W) × 75 in (L)

Source: Wikipedia


135 cm (W) × 190 cm (L)
54 in (W) × 75 in (L)


150 cm (W) × 200 cm (L)
60 in (W) × 78 in (L)

Super King

180 cm (W) × 200 cm (L)
72 in (W) × 78 in (L)

Want a mattress that is out of all these sizes? Simmons offers the choice of a customised mattress size for certain models. Do reach out to us to here find out more!