Service Award

Simmons is the first mattress brand to win the EXSA award in the bedding industry for seven years.

The EXSA award is a promise and an assurance to our valued customers that Simmons is devoted to the needs of our customers. All this is possible from the training we provide and the dedication of our staff. We are proud of them for the service excellence!

*The Excellent Service Award or EXSA is a national award that recognizes individuals who have delivered outstanding service.

Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore Award
Excellent Service Award Singapore
2016 Service Excellence Awards ceremony

Star Award: Patrick Chua (2013)

Gold Award: Linda Koh (2016), Jemy (2016), Jason Tang (2016), Angie Goh (2015), Chuan Hwee Yoke (2015), Sebastian Sim (2015), Willy Chua (2015), Preston Yu (2015), Sheila Mahtani (2014), Eve Lai (2014), Janice Ng (2014) and Patrick Chua (2009)

Silver Award:
Evie Suraini (2016), Alan Chee (2016), Joyce Wong (2016),Caleb Loo (2016), Helen Yeo (2016),  Jimmy Foo (2016), Emily Mock (2016), Jemy (2015), Lilian Quah (2014), Shirley Tay (2014), Jeremy Yap (2014), Sally Sim (2014), Janet Chin (2013), Eve Lai (2013), Janice Ng (2013), Linda Koh (2012), Angie Goh (2012), Sebastian Sim (2012), Willy Chua (2012), Madaline Tan (2012), Jason Tang (2012), Sheila Mahtani (2012), Chuan Hwee Yoke (2012), Eleanor Wong (2007) and Patrick Chua (2007)