*Simmons® BackCare® Kids 1

  • Two-Sided
  • Open Coil
  • Tight-Top

Approx. 18cm (7”)

Mattress Sizes
Single 91cm x 190cm
Super Single 107cm x 190cm

The above measurements should be taken as close approximations only.
For customised sizes, please check stores for details.
Models and sizes are applicable to Singapore market only.

Available at Simmons Gallery, Major Department Stores and Authorised Dealers


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  • Open Coil

    With a coil height of 15cm and spring wire of 2.2mm diameter, it delivers high durability and firmness. The high-tensile strength carbon steel provides firm support for your back. Mattress edge is supplemented by special edge-support coils, giving the same firmness to the border.

  • RiteHeight™

    Simmons® BackCare® Kids® 1 is designed to fit children’s bedding furniture such as bunk, day or trundle beds; while Simmons® BackCare® Kids® 2 goes well with choice of boxspring or bedframe.

  • Tight-top Sleep Surface Finish

    Classic top panel with traditional quilt patterns. It has a flatter and tighter sleep surface finish and it is suitable for people who prefer support.

  • MoistureBan™

    MoistureBan™ repels liquid while providing maximum comfort in a breathable and durable fabric. It allows water and oil spills to easily bead and roll off the fabric without penetrating the fibres, thus providing unsurpassed durability and breathability. The result – a drier, easy-care and hygienic mattress.

  • AllergyCare™

    AllergyCare™ is the anti-allergen and anti-microbial preservative that protects against microbes and dust mites. It is safe and non-pesticide based and it is designed to last perpetually.

  • Anti-Microbial

    The anti-microbial treatment eliminates the entire colonies of bacteria and fungus.

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