Dreamscapes Mayville

  • Non-Flip
  • Box Pillow-top mattress
  • Open Cell Foam
  • Fused Latex Memory Foam

Approx. 40cm (15.7”)

Mattress Sizes
Queen 152cm x 190cm
King 182cm x 190cm

The above measurements should be taken as close approximations only.
For customised sizes, please check stores for details.
Models and sizes are applicable to Singapore market only.
Image is for pictorial representation only

Exclusive to Robinsons only

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  • Simmons® Pocketed Coil®

    Barrel-shaped, high tensile strength steel offers maximum support and resilience and minimises motion transfer, delivering an uninterrupted sleep.

  • Open Cell Foam

    Allows maximum ventilation for a cool uninterrupted and refreshed sleep.

  • Covulated Foam

    This egg crate shape foam alters pressure points to help create a soft feel with durable support. It is used to add softness to the comfort level.

  • Non-flip

    Patented Non-flip design enhances motion separation and eliminates the need to flip the mattress, thus bringing you greater convenience.

  • Box Pillow-top

    Featuring a loftier and boxier pillow pad, this box pillow-top sits neatly and flushed with the mattress edge to provide added comfort, softness and luxury to the sleep surface.

  • Fused Latex Memory Foam

    Hypo-allergenic layers provides excellent support, relieves body pressure points and keep you cool on warm nights.

  • FilCare Anti-Bacterial Fiber

    Kills entire colonies of bacteria and fungus.

  • Foam Encasement

    Maintaining support and stability right to the edge

  • Made in Japan