BackCare® Ultimate™ 755

  • Non-Flip
  • Super Pillow Top
  • 5-Zoned Air band System Foam
  • 5-Zoned Insert Coil
  • Gen Foam
  • Ultra Fresh
Country of Origin
  • Korea

Approx. 36cm (14.2”)

Mattress Sizes
Queen 152cm x 190cm
King 182cm x 190cm
King Long 182cm x 198cm

The above measurements should be taken as close approximations only.
For customised sizes, please check stores for details.
Models and sizes are applicable to Singapore market only.

Available at BackCare® Studio, Takashimaya

  • Pocketed Coil®

    “Do -Not-Disturb®” body contouring feature that minimises motion transfer.

  • 5-Zoned Insert Spring System

    Alternate placement of the shorter springs provide enhanced support.

  • High Quality Materials

    Ensemble of the highest quality of wool, silk, cashmere & other materials

  • Super Pillow Top Sleep Surface Finish

    Featuring a loftier and plusher pillow pad, its luxury is reflected in its ensemble of high quality material like cashmere, wool, silk latex and memory foam.

  • Tested & Proven

    Increased durability proven through Cornell University Indentation Test.

  • Fully Imported from Korea

  • 5-Zoned Support System

    Ideally suited to match the five zones of the human body.

  • 5-Zoned Airband Foam System

    For proper spine alignment and body support.

  • Gen Foam

    Promoted air circulation for vastly improved sleep.

  • Non-flip

    Patented Non-flip design enhances motion separation and eliminates the need to flip the mattress, thus bringing you greater convenience.

  • Ultra Fresh®

    Anti-dustmite treatment to keep your mattress clean and sterile.