Dear Viewers of Lion Mums,

Thank you for the support for the show. Simmons is proud to be a sponsor of this incredibly compelling show that is close to the hearts of the many mums and dads out there.

Again, we thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy this exclusive gift for you.


Terms and Conditions

- Offer is valid for generic mattress models only.
Generic Mattress Models:
BackCare 2, BackCare 3, BackCare 4, BackCare Luxury, BackCare Kids 1, BackCare Kids 2, Beautyrest Custom Royal, Beautyrest Custom Royal Premier, Beautyrest Golden Harvest, Beautyrest Golden Jubilant, Beautyrest Reef Water Suite, Beautyrest Marina Bay Suite, Beautyrest Marina Bay Signature, Beautyrest Ultimate Crown, Beautyrest Ultimate Grandeur

- Offer is valid till 15th September 2019.

- Offer is valid at all Simmons Gallery and Simmons Studio only

- Product display varies from showroom to showroom.